One Land Many Voices

KBOO's One Land Many Voices is co-hosted by Palestinian-American human rights attorney Zaha Hassan and Jewish-American community activist Ned Rosch. The program explores the Israel-Palestine conflict through an international law and human rights lens. The show airs on the 4th Friday of every month from 9-10 am. Past shows can be accessed at While you're there, check out August's show with esteemed professors Sandy Tolan and our very own Joel Beinin. You can find reminders about this program, as well as plenty of other events, on the Google Calendar at the bottom of our Local Events page.

Oct 10, 2014      Posted by: diana


JVP-Portland member Maxine Fookson was recently in Gaza with Physicians for Social Responsibility. Read her blog here.

JVP-Portland member Maxine Fookson and Mohammed Nabil co-host One Land Many Voices on community radio KBOO. For more info, click here.