Thoughts on a Cultural Boycot of Israel

With the planned Trailblazers game against Maccabi Haifa drawing near, now is a good time to learn and talk about the history and reasoning behind a cultural boycott of Israel. There are many thoughtful pieces to be found on the web about this. Here are just a few:

Liberal Values and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement By Rebecca Vilkomerson

Why Israel Fears the Boycot by Omar Barghouti

Art (and Sport) are not Apolitical from

US friends of Israeli army stage fundraisers with NBA teams and NY rabbi by Philip Weiss

This final article has a great call to action from a member of JVP on her way to an organizing meeting:

Tsvia Thier, an Israeli citizen now living in New York… plans to be a part of whatever protest assembles outside the Barclays Center on October 7th. She said to me, “Israel dropped thousands of pounds of weapons on Gaza. More than 2,000 people died. More than 500 children were killed. There has been no justice for this. We cannot allow for these games to go forward without bearing witness…as if these criminal acts did not just take place. Our memories cannot be that short.”

In case you haven't gotten a chance to sign, here is the petition asking the Blazers to cancel their upcoming game.

And if the game goes on as scheduled, you can find information about planned protests here.

Oct 12, 2014      Posted by: diana


JVP-Portland member Maxine Fookson was recently in Gaza with Physicians for Social Responsibility. Read her blog here.

JVP-Portland member Maxine Fookson and Mohammed Nabil co-host One Land Many Voices on community radio KBOO. For more info, click here.