HP Profits from the Occupation

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Jewish Voice for Peace


Paste this link to ask Hewlett-Packard's Board of Directors to stop profiting from occupation:


Is your home printer linked to the mistreatment of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation?

The answer is yes, if it was made by Hewlett-Packard.

The West Bank is filled with Israeli checkpoints, and these checkpoints are powered by Hewlett-Packard.

Imagine this: You get ready to go to work in the morning, stand in line at a checkpoint for a brief time, or for hours at a time, submit yourself to a Hewlett-Packard hand scan, and if everything goes smoothly, you are allowed to go to work. And then you repeat the same process all over again in the evening.

If the machine rejects your hand print, tough luck.

The Israeli women of Machsom Watch have seen this process again and again. They refer to the Palestinians in the checkpoints as "invisible prisoners."

Now, checkpoints are said to provide security for Israelis, but do they really? The vast majority of the checkpoints are inside the West Bank--beyond the 1967 "Green Line"—and they frequently divide one neighboring Palestinian communities from another.

Haaretz reported that Israel maintains a system of 101 permits governing Palestinian movement (1). You need technology to keep this system in place, and that's where Hewlett-Packard sells its products. Hewlett-Packard is profiting from the oppression of Palestinians.

This is not the first time that technology has been used as a tool of oppression. IBM and Polaroid were directly linked to similar systems of population control in Apartheid South Africa. Ask HP to stop reproducing the past!

P.S.: Shamefully, Hewlett-Packard is one of the companies in which retirement giant TIAA-CREF invests its socially responsible funds. TIAA-CREF also considers Caterpillar, Veolia, and Motorola Solutions to be socially responsible investments. To learn more about our TIAA-CREF campaign and to take action, go to wedivest.org

(1) Haaretz, December 23, 2011: "Israel has 101 different types of permits governing Palestinian movement."http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/israel-has-101-different-types-of-permits-governing-palestinian-movement-1.403039



JVP statement condemning Israeli agression in Gaza

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For immediate release.
Monday, March 12, 2012

Jewish Voice for Peace - Portland, Oregon at info@jvp-pdx.org

Portland's Jewish Voice for Peace condemns latest Israeli aggression against
Gaza's population.

(Portland, Oregon) -- The local chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace has called
for an immediate end to Israeli attacks on Gaza, and for the US government
to end its support for the operations which have killed at least eighteen
Palestinians in the last week. "We are heartsick and outraged at this
latest rampage by the Israeli military, raining down terror upon an already
traumatized and suffering people," said William Seaman, a member of the
Jewish Voice for Peace Portland chapter. "It is especially frightening
because the entirely predictable response to this latest Israeli aggression,
the firing of rockets by Gazan militants into civilian regions of Israel,
has clearly put Israeli civilians at risk, giving the lie to the Israeli
government's justifications for their attacks." The Israeli government has
stated that its attacks on Gaza targeted militants who, they allege, were
planning an attack inside Israel.

"Instead of ending the inhumane and brutal siege on Gaza that is directly
causing needless suffering among many innocent Palestinians, current Israeli
use of crushing violence against Palestinians in Gaza further escalates a
lethal situation," explained Ned Rosch, another member of the Portland JVP

"The only language the Netanyahu government understands is that of violence
and terror; these latest actions further demonstrate his complete contempt
for the Obama Administration," said Seaman. "As US citizens who bankroll
the Israeli aggression, we have the moral obligation to cut off the pipeline
of US weapons and diplomatic cover that allow this aggression to continue."
Along with Amnesty International and other human rights organizations,
Jewish Voice for Peace supports a suspension of arms sales and any weapons
transfers to Israel based on the illegal use of those arms against
neighboring countries and within the Palestinian occupied territories.

"We are asking our fellow Oregonians to call their representatives in
Washington, DC, to express their strong condemnation of this latest
aggression by the state of Israel, and to demand an immediate cut-off of US
support," said Seaman. "The path to peace and security for Palestinians and
Israelis alike is through a just resolution to this conflict, and that means
an end to the Israeli occupation and its illegal blockade of Gaza."



National Press Releases

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JVP National Press Releases can be found here.

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JVP-Portland member Maxine Fookson was recently in Gaza with Physicians for Social Responsibility. Read her blog here.

JVP-Portland member Maxine Fookson and Mohammed Nabil co-host One Land Many Voices on community radio KBOO. For more info, click here.